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I have seen examples of the second problem. On one of my projects our UNIX sysadmin people had a habbit of trying to save on system installation times by copying the Oracle directory tree to the new server. I had scripts in place which automatically stopped and started the listener when the system rebooted. When the UNIX people bounced the new server, it would shut down the listener on the server that they copied from. Having said that, I am not sure how a password on the listener would prevent this since my shutdown script contained the encrypted password for the listener.

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Not entirely sure that I buy the second example but the first is definitely your major concern. Insiders are nearly always the problem

On 14/04/2008, Jared Still <> wrote:
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>> wrote:
> > Wouldn't they need access to your network in order to access the
> > listener? I know that you can set up a similar entry in a
> > listener.ora and remotely access the listener (I did this to prove
> > it) but I was behind the firewall. I tried from home but wasn't able

> > to access the listener using
> the
> > same technique.
> >
> Malicious users can exist inside the network.
> AKA employees
> This can also happen accidentally, say a DBA copies a listener.ora to
> his PC for modification, forgets to modify it, then stops the
> listener.
> Oops.
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