Re: ASM - hardware mirroring vs. Oracle mirroring

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I used it with 10G and RAC as last assignment, took a little bit to learn it but after that I thought it was great.


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Re: ASM - hardware mirroring vs. Oracle mirroring

Is it just me, or does ASM unnecessarily complicate operations?

Frankly, things such as this are why I don't use it.

With a halfway decent volume manager, I don't see the need for ASM.


On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 7:09 AM, Finn Jorgensen <> wrote:
Krish, I don't think that's possible when your only means of getting data to tape is NetBackup. tar/cpio could not get to the tapes in that particular case.  

Steve, you could say that, but as is so often the case, things started out in one way and somewhere down the line circumstances changed necessitating the archival and space had already been provisioned and there was no money for more disk (hence the archiving in the first place).  


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