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From: Amar Kumar Padhi <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 21:54:27 +0400
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About an year back, I was informed by Oracle that production DB on VMWare is not supported but it is our choice to go for it. However, if an SR is raised, Oracle would request us to simulate the same on a non-vm environment to provide a solution. Though I knew some production setups running Oracle on VM, our Mgmt. decided not to entertain such alternative as we have huge number of databases on Oracle and churn out quite a number of SRs. Any kind of remote hickup could be nasty. Now we are using vmware for other servers. For Oracle servers, we will consider Oracle VM.

I have personally enjoyed working on VMWare. I believe Oracle VM will also be good stuff as it is built on xen-source.


Job Miller wrote:
> Donald,
> well, if i had read the whole document...
> after it discusses Oracle VM being a "Soft Partitioning" technology it
> goes on to say:
> Oracle VM can also be used as hard partitioning technology only as
> described in the following document:
> _
> sorry for being a little hasty to respond.
> Job
> */"Freeman, Donald" <>/* wrote:
> We have several Oracle development systems on VMware and a lot of
> SQL Servers both production and development and haven't noticed
> any significant problems. I have had the VMWare rep in my office
> and given him a good flogging to determine what kind of problems I
> might encounter. I'm not an expert but I am watching I/O.
> Proper storage configuration is going to be essential to make sure
> these VM's are contending with each other on the storage device.
> The big deal is license management on VMWare. That's why we
> aren't going any further with it for Oracle servers. You have to
> license for all the physical CPU's on the server whether or not
> you are using them. Of course, with Oracle VM's you don't have
> that problem.
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> Is anyone running Oracle (10g) on VMWare? Have you had any
> difficulties? We are considering placing some production systems
> on VMWare so that we can better control resources consumed by
> individual applications. We have completed an install and have
> been monitoring the database to ensure that there aren't any
> problems with running an "empty" database (backup, memory, etc) as
> a proof-of-concept for a couple of weeks now so we know that it
> can be done.
> William
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