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Finn -  

That doesn't really sound like an issue with ASM so much as a planning issue in space utilization.  

What did you end up doing?  

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Here's a problem I ran into with ASM a while back.  

I was exporting large partitions as a means of backing them up for historical purposes and the intent was to put them on tape. Unfortunately my setup had almost all space allocated to ASM so very little filesystem space existed. expdp will still export to a ASM disk group so that part was covered, but now I had a export file in an ASM diskgroup and no way to use OS commands to back it up. RMAN doesn't allow for backing up export files, so I was left with no way to get the file straight from ASM onto a tape and no filesystem space to put the export file on. I was stuck.  


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That's OK, and as you saw I was wrong anyway!

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Ah I missed the "in" when I read it the first time. Pardon me.


On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 8:38 AM, Baumgartel, Paul <> wrote:
> I didn't say that RMAN doesn't work with ASM. I said that "there are
> certain operations in, e.g., RMAN, that aren't supported with ASM".
> was based on co-workers' comments regarding a database migration to a
> server.

Don Seiler

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