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They've gone thru a couple of iterations at various places i've worked, you're right they are out of date compared to the latest versions of oracle but I can put them up on a site if someone wants them.


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RE: Row Migration/Rowchaining

You need to analyze tables and list chained rows. @utlchain I believe that oracle does not discriminate between a chained and migrated row even though they have different causes  

In fact Metalink Note 102989.1 indicates that the resolution is the same for both types identify the rows, copy the chained rows out to anew table, delete them from the original table and then move them back again.    

PS, not worth a separate post but I wrote an article about log shipping (dataguard, streams etc) on my blog site and discovered it had been linked to a Forklift Truck site today. Obviously shipping was the key word.  

PPS, Joe do you still have your RMAN scripts online. They used to be a good resource. Probably a bit out of date now though.  

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This will show you the table for chained rows, not sure if it covers migrated or not, anyone else?

 select owner, table_name, chain_cnt from dba_tables where chain_cnt > 0;



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