RE: ASM - hardware mirroring vs. Oracle mirroring

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But isn't mirroring and striping most of what ASM does? Wasn't it intended to eliminate the need to purchase an expensive SAN?  

I understand that many people use ASM in conjunction with Symmetrix, etc., but I don't see how just pooling the storage and presenting it to the database is worth the effort (and the limitations, as there are certain operations in, e.g., RMAN, that aren't supported with ASM).  

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Where in the documentation do you see Oracle having a bias towards ASM doing mirroring?  

I ask cause several Oracle folks I talked to, and an Oracle "best practices" presentation I saw a while ago, all say the same thing. That being, if you already have a well-designed SAN, use external redundancy in ASM, and let the SAN do all the mirroring and striping.  

That's where we're at, as well. SAN does all mirroring and striping. ASM just pools the storage and makes it available to the database.  


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