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From: David Aldridge <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 06:44:24 -0700 (PDT)
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Yes, our developers do the much the same sort of thing. I find it to be a pain more for organisational reasons -- migrating a stored procedure change to the production system is a much more bureaucratic process than migrating a report change.

I seem to recall there being some technique in Business Objects where we defined an object as something like ...

/*+ full(e) parallel(e,8) */ NULL

and we'd include that as the first column in the report. That would modify the query to:

SELECT /*+ full(e) parallel(e,8) */ NULL, e.CREATED_T, ...

I don't know if that would work in Crystal though.

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Hi Dave,

I'm not sure exactly what the Crystal developer did, but I created a package containing the def for a hard cursor, eg:

  TYPE payment_rep_record is record



  type rep_cursor_type is ref cursor return payment_rep_record;

 Then in a stand-alone procedure opened a cursor of this type with my the hinted query,

create or replace PROCEDURE vf_payment_report_cr(from_date Date,

                                                 to_date Date,
                                                 REF_CURSOR out sys_refcursor)
  open REF_CURSOR for
    SELECT /*+ full(e) parallel(e,8) */

blar blar

The setup within crystal requires the cursor def (as defined by the package).

More than that I would have to ask the developer. Need more info? Just let me know.


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