Re: upgrade - How did it go for you?

From: Martin Klier <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 23:40:04 +0200
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Brian schrieb:
> upgrade have experienced. Ours is a 2-node Linux
> X86_64 cluster that utilizes ASM.
> We have already upgraded single node test instances without any issues
> to <> and I haven't seen any problems but I'm
> interested in the RAC rollout or other issues we've yet to see.

we patched two SLES10 x86_64 2-node-RACs from to so far, and both had aches with CRS (not mentioning multipath issues like hitting all 10gR2 CRS on SLES10):
runInstaller at CRS patch complained about trying to update Oracle RAC to before CRS was updated. Same at patching the DB binaries - runInstaller complained about an inconsisitent Version: CRS is too old for a Database.
No harm was done my ignoring this, but sometimes I ask myself .... you know.

ASM instances did not need patching, referencing to dbua.

First I tried to use DBUA for the DB instances, but it cancelled the instances without being able to restart them, did set cluster_database=false (what is mandatory to patch an instance), but did not re-enable this after failing and so on. But patching the instances with the SQL script worked without errors and quite well as far as I have seen until today.

Martin Klier

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