RE: Wait event SQL*Net break/reset to client caused by duplicate insert?

From: Tanel Poder <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 00:04:57 +0800
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Yes, a SQL*Net break/reset happens when an error/unhandled exception is raised during a call (which means that the call executed didn't complete normally, thus the call state must be reset).  

The approach of "insert -> if failed then update" is basically what MERGE does.  

You need to change the application to use MERGE command. Alternatively you could use an "update -> if no-rows-updated then insert" approach, but MERGE makes much more sense nowadays.


Tanel Poder <>  

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Subject: Wait event SQL*Net break/reset to client caused by duplicate insert?

Oracle 1.1.06 RAC on OEL 4 64 bit.

We are seeing an insert statement reporting "SQL*Net break/reset to client" as over 1/3 of its time.
On the face of it this event suggests network issues but nothing else backs this up as the cause.
So I looked at the Java code in question and a trace of one of the sessions.

What is happening is that an attempt is made to insert a row, most of the time a duplicate error results, the code catches this exception and does an update.
I was wondering if its the duplicate error and the exception handling which results in this wait event showing up.

All insights welcome



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