Application Server 10g - configuration issues

From: Carol Bristow <>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 18:05:34 -0500
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I am going nuts with an attempt to configure the forms server. I have the Forms Services Deployment Guide, as well as Oracle Press's OAS 10g Web Development book on building and deploying web-based applications. I also found Steve Callan's Installation Cookbook that is on the Database Journal website.  

I have a server that had OAS installed by someone else (along with an application that I know nothing about, but I'll refrain from whining
<vbg>). The Forms component is installed and running, and will stop and
start without error.  

I have added my forms directory to the appropriate path variables in the environment file, and added in my starting form. I made sure to copy the exact servlet URL from the Forms administration page, since it's different than those listed in the various documentation sources. When I try and open up my form, the URL gets the last three letters repeated in the address bar, and IE promptly shuts down. No errors, no nothing.  

Thinking that perhaps I had screwed up somehow, I tried testing with the test form that is supplied. Again, the address bar shows "testest" as the form name, instead of "test", then shuts completely.  

I've restarted all services, with no change in behavior.  

Having not touched OAS since version 4.0.8, I'm at a loss as to what to look at to troubleshoot. It doesn't appear that anything is being logged, and I don't see any place to turn logging on.  


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