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Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 12:29:20 -0400
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In your specific case, the incremental gets used with the database files that are on disk. You did not say what happened to your database that made you decide to perform a restore. But Rman decided that it had enough information with the files on disk and with just the incremental backup to perform a recovery.

Again, Rman decided that it did not need to go farther back to the full backup to perform your restore - it just did not need that information.

What made you decide to perform a restore? What specifically happened?


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply. Afraid I'm still confused.

Under what circumstances would an incremental backup be of use to RMAN without the full backup? As far as I understand it, it simply contains the changes since the preceeding base full backup was taken - I don't see how that could ever be useful in isolation....


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This sounds fine to me unless you completely lost data files. Rman uses all available data to restore the database. This includes current redo logs, archivelogs that have not be backed up and removed and finally backups that it decides it needs to restore the database.

In your case, it did not need the full backup files to bring your database back in synch.

So it "all depends" on what Rman decides is missing and what it needs to recover the database.

Hope this helps.


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