RE: asm on serveral nodes (no RAC)

From: Amihay Gonen <>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 08:15:41 +0300
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This main idea in to using ASM is because it easier to use it term of managing the diskgroup.

For example, from real life, we had to move from one storage to another using ASM we have done that without downtime for the oracle servers. We've done the following procedure:

  1. add a disk from the new storage.
  2. rebalance
  3. remove disk from old storage.

That's all no downtime .

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From: Alex Gorbachev [] Sent: 01 April 2008 05:50
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Yeah, and having NFS shared storage solves the problem all together and is, probably, significantly cheaper! ;-)

On 31-Mar-08, at 10:44 PM, Dan Norris wrote:

> Alex--good point. I am guilty of frequently ignoring licensing
> issues in technical discussions, but you're absolutely correct to
> bring it up. However, I don't know the answer in this case. I
> suspect that you would have to have a RAC license, but I'm only
> guessing.
> I generally regard RAC to be limited to RDBMS, so even clustered ASM
> doesn't constitute "having RAC" in my book.
> No matter what angle you take, I don't think I'd create a clustered
> ASM configuration to support multiple servers with single-instance
> databases. If I wanted to share a single storage area between
> multiple development servers running single-instance databases, I'd
> use a clustered filesystem. The licensing for OCFS2 is pretty cut-
> and-dried :). I think that's what I said before (just realized it
> though, so it's nice that I came to the same conclusion twice in a
> row).
> Dan
> Alex Gorbachev wrote:
>> Dan, Jeremy,
>> I think it depends on your definitions of "having RAC".
>> For me running CRS and ASM in *clustered* mode does mean RAC.
>> "Having RAC" also might assume having to buy RAC license. Don't
>> take my licensing knowledge for 100% but...
>> Recently, Oracle allowed using CRS for free to its customers with
>> Linux support. Otherwise, you have to buy at least one RAC license.
>> However, clustered ASM instances - do they require RAC license or
>> not? I would think they do but its pure speculation.
>> Regards,
>> Alex

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