Re: asm on serveral nodes (no RAC)

From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 19:37:02 -0500
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Are you sure? I see no technical reason why this would be a problem with the following stipulations:
1. You can't have different OSes.
2. You must use Oracle Clusterware, have shared storage, and have clustered ASM.

Given those two requirements, I think you could do this with multiple single-instance databases on different nodes. Those nodes would be clustered for purposes of sharing ASM disk groups.

All that said, I haven't tried it, but I have thought about the feasibility several times and those that I've talked to about it didn't think it would be a technical issue. Now, why you'd do this when an OCFS2 filesystem achieves the same purpose with somewhat less complexity (IMO) is another discussion.


Matthew Zito wrote:

No, it is not possible to do this without RAC.




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Hi all, I’m wandering is possible to have different computers using the same disk groups in ASM without RAC? Even on different O/S ?


The main idea is to define a share area for all the development databases.


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