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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 15:45:11 -0400
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Look into Oracle Replication, RAC (Real Application Clusters), and distributed databases. You can find you way to the documentation from the main Oracle site: but you should look for the version feature compare document and the pricelist because money will determine which of the many possible solutions are available to you. Perhaps just a bigger server is your solution.

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	With Oracle, there's generally more than one way to accomplish
almost anything you want to do. In order to answer your questions, it would be helpful to know why you've got two machines for you your database. Are both machines actively processing, or is this a disaster recovery scenario? What operating system are you using or contemplating or is that open for consideration as well? What is your throughput between the sites like?                  

        On 3/28/08, Evert Lammerts <> wrote:

                Hello all,                 

                As complete newbies we are looking for some advice - I hope this is the

                right place to come to.                 

                We have a fairly high traffic web based system using a database server

                running MySQL. The server has a lot of transactions to process and

                cannot handle the load anymore, resulting in very long response times.                 

                We now have two machines for our database, physically in different

                locations however and that cannot be changed. At this moment we are at

                the point where we need to consider the database system we will port to

  • if we will port at all.

                What we need is a redundant system that will be able to support our

                (fast) expanding database, and we're thinking of Oracle 10g - mostly

                because we know it is the industry standard, not because we know WHY it

                is the industry standard.                 

                So the question is, i guess, what kind of setup would we use for Oracle

                10g running one database in two different locations, what would be the

                best way to keep them synchronized (it needs to be completely

                transaction safe) and how is such a system expected to perform?                 

                Evert Lammerts                                                   


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