Archive Dest backup with BCV

From: Lou Avrami <>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 13:11:48 -0400 (EDT)
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Hello all,

I recently inherited several 9i databases, each a couple of terabytes, which are backed up using HP BCV (Business Copy).

When a backup is executed, a script dynamically runs through all of the tablespaces in the database, placning them into hot backup mode. Once that is done, the disk sync for the datafile partitions and the archive destination partition is executed. After the "split" is done, another dynamic script is executed within the database, bringing all of the tablespaces out of backup mode. At the same time, the split disks are mounted on another server and then written to tape.

The disk syncs/splits work fine. There is an issue with archive destination partition though. The sync for the archive partition takes several hours, mainly due to the volume of archive logs being written by the databases (due to other issues, which I am working to resolve). This means that we have to drop this mirror/split several hours before the backup, so that the mirror of the archive partition has sufficient time to "sync up". I would like to be able to keep the archive logs "online" for as long as possible, so that it isn't necessary to recovery them from tape if I need to restore a database.

I know that the real answer is to reduce the number of archive logs being written. This is a political issue as much as a technical one (for example, I am in the process of convincing a vendor and upper management that it is not necessary to do daily index rebuilds!!).

I would think though that the HP Business Copy BCV disk sync/split should be more efficient. Is there anyone out there who is familiar with BCV and how it works? If so, are there "long" delays when syncing disks? Is there any kind of software configuration that could help reduce the sync time? Is BCV the correct technology for Oracle database hot backups? Should something else be used?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Lou Avrami

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