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That would work I think. But I'm looking for the "approved" solution. And yes, AIX.
I could also probably open the secondary database and issue "alter database rename" commands to formally rename the files. Or look into Rman for commands to rename the files to be validated.  

Just not sure which solution is the correct one.



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Unix, I assume since there are the "real" slashes in the path :)

 can you just cheat and make symbolic links to the filesystems on the secondary server for the original mount points?


You can have it: Fast, Right or Cheap, pick 2 of the 3. Fast + Right is Expensive
Fast + Cheap will be incorrect.
Right + Cheap will take a while.

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Data Guard Rman Vlidation Question         


I created our first Data Guard database (10.2, physical copy). The mount points on the Primary and Secondary servers are different. So the init.ora file of the Secondary server has the
01/DGTD1/data'" entries mapping the directory names to the new locations. All of this was done through 10G Grid by the way.   

Rman backups of the secondary server work fine. Validations are a challenge. Rman Validation is looking for the database files in the Primary directory location - it is not using the db_file_name_convert init.ora parameter to find the file. So validations are failing.      

RMAN-03002: failure of restore command at 03/31/2008 09:07:44 ORA-19625: error identifying file
/dba/vg_uism_01/u0002/DGTD/system/system_01.dbf ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status      

How do I resolve this? What have you done?



How do I resolve this?

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