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From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 12:09:42 -0400
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The form  


--+ full(eph) parallel(eph,8)


from <whatever>  

should survive the passage and be treated as comments through all ANSI compliant interfaces. Well - if they are in fact ANSI compliant rather than just being called ANSI compliant. I didn't read the rest of the thread in detail, so I'm not commenting on getting the parallel stuff to work per se. I think Greg Rahn demonstrated that, anyway. And he or someone mentioned you having the column list before the hint. This is more about getting it through ODBC and other interfaces that strip block comments.  

I'm not entirely sure why we all don't routinely write hints in this form, other than habit and the documentation always being in the form /* ..... */. Of course the - form is limited to a single line, but that should suffice for hints. Mike Brown first brought this to my attention, and I'm not sure whether someone clued him in to it or he tried it on a whim after noticing some interfaces stripped /* ... */ before they get to the Oracle parser. I'm not sure why ANSI compliant interfaces routinely strip block comments but allow single line comments through, but so far it seems to work.  

regards, mwf  

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I believe that you'll need to be using a native and not an odbc connection to get the hints to be recognised. (Crystal used to allow for native/oledb and odbc connections and only the native connection was any good really) note I haven't looked at it for 2 years.


To work around this problem I created a view that includes the hints, and then changed the main query to use the query instead of the original table.

Something like this....

create or replace view EVENT_T_parallel_historic as select * /*+ full(eph) parallel(eph,8) */ from

then reference EVENT_T_parallel_historic in the main query.

But,... when I run the query, the hints are ignored.



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