RE: Quality of Oracle MetaLink Notes

From: Denny Koovakattu <>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 13:55:42 -0500
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Oracle needs top rated technical analysts and top rated analysts who just know how to use a search engine. They trick would be rate the folks opening the TARs
and map them to the appropriate analyst. A lot of the TARs are opened by folks who have never known about the existence of the concepts manual. They don't need a good technical analyst to deal with those TARs. For these they just need
top rated analysts who know how to use a search engine and paste the top few notes into the body of the TAR.


Denny Koovakattu

Quoting "Freeman, Donald" <>:

> Don't they already have a function to rate the answer? A lot of boards
> have a "star" or "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" rating system. If you can
> rate the quality of the support analysts answer that might help Oracle
> management rate their support analysts.
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