"Groundhog's Day" and DBMS_SCHEDULER

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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:49:12 -0500
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Our users have application data and programs such that, for testing, it is easier to set the OS clock back. So every morning, like the movie Groundhog Day, the QA servers have a sudo script to set the clock back to 14Feb2008. This causes Oracle grief such that time-based RMAN recovery is no longer an option, as well as our current challenge: the DBMS_SCHEDULER. The default MAINTENANCE_WINDOW_GROUP has a NEXT_START_DATE of 01MAR2008. Since these servers experience déjà-vu on a daily basis, the built-in jobs such as AUTO_SPACE_ADVISOR_JOB, GATHER_STATS_JOB, etc never get run.


Since I'm only familiar with the basics of DBMS_SCHEDULER, does anyone out there experience Groundhog's Day and what challenges do you experience? How do you resolve your issues? Specifically, what is "best" way to get the built-in Oracle jobs to run? Currenlty I'm playing with DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (name=>'SYS.WEEKNIGHT_WINDOW',attribute =>'start_date',value=>systimestamp + interval '10' second).

__thanks in advance


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