RE: Migrating 9i to 10g performance issues

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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 11:55:15 -0400
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10g2 indeed supports transportable tablespaces across platforms with different endian word order. However, the transport is *not* in place and the tablespaces must be converted on either the source side or the destination side. (That's all in the manual.)

That has implications for the time and space required for the transport, especially as compared to the "in place" transportation possible between platforms of the same endian word order, the latter being pretty much magically quick compared to about anything else for a shutdown, move it all protocol. If you can fit that within a window that does not hurt the business it is also probably the most reliable and least costly protocol. If you do the conversion on the target side you can minimize the cost and overhead on the current production server to facilitate dress rehearsals.

If you have a long calendar time to execute the move as long as you are not down for long for the cut-over, there are various ways to get the data over to the target with an as-of date and then apply changes to logically roll the data on the target forward to the point where you shut down the "old" server for good. One of these methods would be the alternative if you cannot fit a "shutdown, move it all protocol" into the allowed time.

You might also want to consider avoiding tempting fate by adding in a full backup on the target to the time required. No one will be having fun if your new machine has a hiccup requiring a recovery before you get a target side backup and have already performed interactively sourced transactions on the target that are not logically logged for replay. The backup time can be phased in the "as-of date copy, then catch up protocols" but is sequential to the end of the "shutdown, move it all protocol."



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Am Dienstag, den 25.03.2008, 07:10 -0600 schrieb Sandra Becker:
> I was told that in order to use transportable tablespaces, the endians
> had to be the same. Is this incorrect? I'm already practicing and
> have ruled out some possibilities.

If you go the way supposed by Mayen, first migrate, than transport, you're wrong. Oracle 10g supports Transportable Tablespaces over different endianess. Oracle 9i does not.

See Database Administrator's Guide Chapter 8 Managing Tablespaces. There is an example scenario which can help to dig into it.

So i think, that way is worth a try.


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