From: Yong Huang <>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 10:15:18 -0700 (PDT)
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Found the problem. We missed running


at the end of patching CRS to The last screen of Universal Installer, End of Installation, is "hiding" that command in the textbox down below. With 8 nodes listed each on one line, the command can be seen only if you scroll the bar down. We reran the command and OCLSOMON files are back and the CRS version is now reported correctly.

It's a user error combined with our habit of ignoring the text in the End of Installation screen that caused this problem!

Yong Huang

  • Yong Huang <> wrote:

> The same titled Tar is open with Oracle. We upgraded our CRS from to
> (RH Linux x86_64), then ASM and DB. During the ASM and DB upgrade
> process, we got one failure for pre-requesite check, CRS was still showing
> Thinking that may be due to Bug 5467342 (CRS TRACE FILES DISPLAYS
> VERSION AFTER UPGRADE TO, we clicked "User verified" to
> force continue. Everything is done and everything runs perfectly, although
> "crsctl query crs activeversion" still shows
> Now we notice CRS_HOME/bin is missing these files, compared to one
> and
> one RAC installation:
> oclsomon
> oclsomon.bin
> oclsvmon
> oclsvmon.bin
> although we do have oclsmon and oclsmon.bin. Unfortunately we didn't save a
> file list on this RAC before the upgrade. We opened a Tar. Oracle says since
> we're missing these files and CRS version check is, we need to
> "upgrade the crs again -- so we have a compatible system for the rdbms and
> asm". (The analyst apparently was unaware of Bug 5467342.)
> Search on doesn't return anything for oclsomon in pre-11g
> Oracle. 11g Oracle doc has a title for oclsmon in Glossary but talks about
> oclsomon in the text. Due to missing oclsomon, we don't have the process
> "init.cssd oclsomon" running as on our and We also don't
> have CRS_HOME/log/<host>/cssd/oclsomon although we have .../cssd/oclsmon.
> Is the above normal? Again, everything including pre-production stress test
> works great. Sending a reply to the list and to me at the same time is
> appreciated.
> Yong Huang

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