Re: UTL_MAIL - Trying to find a smtp server that works...

From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 11:15:54 -0500
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EHLO Robert (the smtp geeks probably get that),

I think you'll have to resort to the lower-level SMTP commands to perform the necessary authentication from PL/SQL as shown in some examples at

You shouldn't be able to use any ol' SMTP server without authentication or at least SMTP servers shouldn't allow you to use them without some sort of authentication (even if just based on an IP range). SMTP server that do allow you to send mail through them unauthenticated are known as open mail relays ( and are officially Bad Things on the internet. Many open relays are used by spammers to send loads of email (to me, mostly). As a result, many blacklists ( have been created to help limit the amount of email delivered by these open relays.

So, if you do find an SMTP server willing to accept your message without any authentication, there's a fairly decent chance that it won't end up at its final destination unless it's an SMTP server on your laptop. A search for "free windows smtp server" turns up several hits, but as these are likely to be downloaded by spammers (and some possibly created specifically for that purpose), I'm not sure I'd go near any of them.

Happy mailing!


Robert Freeman wrote:
Anyone know of an SMTP server that I can use with utl_mail? I've tried about 4 different ones (e.g. that I have access too but I get errors. If I remember correctly this is because many of them require you include your password (like yahoo mail) and utl_mail does not provide for this.

Any suggestions?


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