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 K, the bug report "DBCA DOES NOT RECOGNIZE ASM INSTALLED IN A DIFFERENT ORACLE HOME" is not public so a search using the Advanced Search option with the bug number as the document number gets no hits. I found the above via an exact quote search but since it is not public could not read any details.

If you have access or more in-depth knowledge do you know if the non-shared Oracle Home only a problem for DBCA and that ASM and the rdbms will work fine if you build the ASM database manually?

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It is always better to have a separate user/home for ASM. However some cases (like the new 11g bug 5728245) you may have to keep the ASM and RDBMS in the same home under same user though 11g advocates separate users for CRS,ASM and DB.

Coming to your original question, at present there is no ASM version of database binaries. You may have to do a comple rdbms software install in the ASM home. Hopefully this may change in future with an ASM only software install by stripping the unwanted tools/utilities/libraries in the ASM Home.


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