Re: ASM and minimal oracle home software install

From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 19:44:00 -0400
Message-ID: <>


Putting ASM in its own O_H is an excellent idea. 

I have tried in the past to perform custom "minimal" installations of DB and other Oracle software. Almost all the time, things tend to work really well until I need to install the first patchset or the first CPU patch on that O_H. For some reason, it seems that many Oracle patches work best on "normal" or default installations. I don't believe you'll save that much disk space by doing a minimal installation and the savings you do make won't be enough to compensate for the potential headaches you may encounter in patching and upgrading such a configuration.

For me, I always do the default installation type these days--just less headache.


Smith, Steven K - MSHA wrote:

We are installing ASM in its own oracle home.


The oracle home for the databases that will also be on the server will be installed in its own oracle home  (recommended by oracle to separate patch/upgrade areas.


Does anyone have a link to a white paper or experience with exactly what options are required to be installed in the ASM oracle home directory?  We are trying to minimize the software footprint and minimize patch time in the ASM oracle home by not installing options that are not necessary for ASM to operate.

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