ASM and minimal oracle home software install

From: Smith, Steven K - MSHA <Smith.Steven_at_DOL.GOV>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 16:41:26 -0600
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We are installing ASM in its own oracle home.  

The oracle home for the databases that will also be on the server will be installed in its own oracle home (recommended by oracle to separate patch/upgrade areas.  

Does anyone have a link to a white paper or experience with exactly what options are required to be installed in the ASM oracle home directory? We are trying to minimize the software footprint and minimize patch time in the ASM oracle home by not installing options that are not necessary for ASM to operate.  


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Subject: IMPDB & UTF8  

While researching a problem we have I came across Note: 144808.1 it says in part....

For the moment, do NOT use Expdp/Impdp when going to UTF8 or a other multibyte

      characterset on ALL 10g versions including and

      It will provoke data corruption!

      This is caused by the impdp Bug 5874989.

      The "old" exp/imp work fine. This problem is fixed in the upcoming and patchsets.

      For and you can ask a backport for Bug 5874989

      if you need to use expdp/impdp.

So now I am back to using exp/imp again. :-(

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