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There are people with people skill and people without. same way for technical skills.
Mostly it depends upon the hiring managers, how they manage people. I have at time times hired and worked with people with zero people skills and great technical skills without any problem.  

On the other hand people with low technical skill and great people skill, I always feel they will smooth talk their way out of problem without solving it.  

So at the end of it. I will rather hire people with better technical skills as that adds value right now. For long term it does help to get people that are better suited for learning and merging with the team.  

Also always from HR perspective, "Always hire mediocre people as they will keep working without complaining."  

My 2 cents...
PB Singh  

PB Singh
DW Architect and Sr Data Modeler

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If you are a db in a small organization you absolutely have to have people skills!
And I would argue you still would need some people skills in a large organization.  

You need to ask people like System Administrators for things. You will need to interact with HR for benefits Your boss - you need to have good skills there or your review, etc will suffer.  

You might technicall be able to do all the right stuff but one slip of the tougue could kill you!  

My 2 cents.  


Srinivas Chintamani <> wrote:

        People skills Vs DBA         

        I have heard this opinion voiced a lot of times in my career, that most DBAs are not inclined to dealing with people. They'd rather spend their time tackling complicated TECHNICAL issues than deal with people.         

        Is that something that anybody else on this list has experienced?         

        Is it ok for a very talented DBA to be stunted in their people skills? Why or why not ?         

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