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Well, I'll toss in my belated 2 cents as well,

Many years ago some very smart people said that client-server would forever end host based computing and be the final end all of computing. Then came along this thing called the internet and we all traded in our terminal emulators for browsers. Thus began the second coming of host based computing. Can you see where I'm going??

A few years ago people said that code generators would forever eliminate programmers/developers. Today code generators are parts of development packages that developers use, now the general population. Now you ought to know where I'm going.

A couple of years ago Microsoft said their database was so automated that you would never again need a DBA. My how fast they back tracked on that statement.

The point I'm trying to make is that the role of a DBA is changing and will continue to change. Not because of any major change in the way databases are run as all automation has done for us is relieve us of the wizards cap. Namely automation can so much more easily and responsively tune things than we ever could and with a lot less black magic to boot. So since we're relieved of those tasks we have time to spend on other tasks that are of much more importance to our employers. And to add to that Oracle and the other vendors are always tossing new items into the mix called "New Features and Functions for DBA's" and "New Features and Functions for Developers". Basically this is their attempt to keep us gainfully employed explaining and implementing these new items to the betterment of our employer's bottom line. Read that as they double team us to keep from hiring new developers. Today your expected to be a DBA, Data Architect, keeper of the corporate data dictionary, data warehouse/mart developer, WEB programmer, business analyst, etc..... The list can get mighty long. Why, because we're the closest to the data of anyone and as someone previously said, data is GOLD. Actually I don't believe the data is gold, but the information you derive there from is, which makes the intelligence you possess Platinum. And therefore there will be no decrease in the need for a DBA. As for those foreign/outsourcing DBA's, we probably should change the title from DBA to DataBase Baby Sitter of DBBS, because that's about all the value they add.

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Tim Gorman wrote,on my timestamp of 5/03/2008 1:50 PM:

> time. The only way to make those all into good years is to work like
> crazy to retain past lessons, learn new things, share them, and make
> things happen. It's worked for over 20 years, so I hope it'll work
> another 15...

Of course it will. I've got 30 of them to prove it. And many more to come.

But the key point in there is retain past lessons. Without that, one is forever condemned
to reinvent the wheel or repeat past errors.

One way of ensuring that is to stop running away from problems. In other words: get a long term gig and make it work, instead of the "hit-and-run" that characterizes so many of the temp jobs.

In the coming economic storm, I can't
emphasize the importance of this any

Nuno Souto

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