RE: Is is safe to drop old temp space?

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 12:22:18 -0500
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It if is truly a temporary tablespace you should be all set. If it is an old style permanent tablespace that is assigned as temporary it is possible that someone with the right credentials could have stored a permanent table or index there. However, in that case, unless you use the "including contents" keywords on the drop tablespace command Oracle should refuse the drop.

Hmm. I guess it would have been shorter to say that if drop tablespace temp works without any keywords then you should be just fine.


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Subject: Is is safe to drop old temp space?


I am running oracle I just finished recreating a temp tablespace. I have created a new tablespace
and then issued alter database default tablespace temp02 command.

I think it is safe now to drop my old tablespace. I checked that all users have temporary TS set to TEMP02.
Do I need to check anything else before removing my old temp TS?

thank you


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