Re: Solutions for a parallel system

From: Bradd Piontek <>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 14:39:11 -0600
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Some options:

1. Dataguard - Logical Standby (not all the same restrictions). FYI:
2. Oracle Streams
3. Quest Shareplex
4. Materialized views that fast refresh nightly
5. Snap-copy (SAN vendor) of the database refreshed nightly at disk level
6. Transportable tablespace? (may be a shot in the dark)

On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 2:30 PM, Ram Raman <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> We have been requested to come up with a solution for the following
> problem: We have a production system that is about 200Gb. We want to be able
> to build a parallel database that will resemble the production and cannot be
> out of sync with the production by more than 24 hrs. Dataguard was suggested
> as an option.
> With dataguard, my understanding is that the standby will have to be on a
> server of the same OS level, patch level, disk layout, etc. We do not
> have such a scenario here. Also they want to be able to work from the
> parallel environment (they may be making changes on their own). This means
> dataguard will not work as the standby will have to be in managed recovery
> mode. Even if we put it in OPEN mode and work on it, there is going to be a
> huge backlog of logs to be applied later on. I would think that would cause
> a big delay in refreshing? I was checking the redo log generated in prod for
> the past month. The average per day seems to be 20GB and maximum of
> ~60GB/day and min of 5G/day. Not sure how long it would to take to apply
> 60GB. Also this kind of setup would require manual intervention from the
> DBA everyday to put in managed recovery mode, open etc.
> Can the listers suggest options available for the problem. 10g. We plan on
> using this in other systems too, which are much smaller.
> Thanks.

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