Data Guard Broker and log_archive_dest_n

From: Martin Bach <>
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 13:05:39 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Hello all!

I am playing with data guard broker and a physical standby. I must admit the product is not bad, and it potentially helps operators to seamlessly perform switchovers. Switchovers are now reduced to a one liner, neat!

However, one thing is quite odd: in the databases' v$parameter views on primary and standby I don't find a value for log_archive_dest_n. Here you'd normally see a value similar to "service=myServiceDescriptor LGWR ASYNC valid_for(....." but not in my case. I know the settings are working (show configuration in DGMGRL) but that's still quite surprising. I also see lines beginning with "alter system set log_archive_dest_2=..." but why don't they appear in v$parameter? I have done a quick search on Metalink but did not find anything related to this feature.

Has anybody seen this before? Is it a bug?

BTW, running EE on paravirtualised RHEL 4U6 32bit based on Oracle VM.

Thanks for all your suggestions.


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