Re: METALINK: Frozen userid?

From: David Lord <>
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 09:02:45 +0000
Message-ID: <>


If you don't login for a period of time (6 months springs to mind) your account will be frozen. The Metalink customer user administrator is someone from your organisation who has rights to administer Metalink user accounts (I am one of them for our company). You will need to find one of your administrators and get them to unfreeze you.


On 29/02/2008, Gus Spier <> wrote:
> Now here's the oddest thing ...
> I've just completed building a little development database on a laptop and
> went to metalink to look for the latest critical patch update.
> I log in with my userid and password and, much to my surprise, recieve the
> response "1 error has occurred
> This userid is frozen. Contact your MetaLink customer user
> administrator."Exactly what or who is the "MetaLink customer user
> administrator"? I can't even get to my profile to find the CSI number to
> begin to look it up!
> Anybody seen this before? What causes this?
> r,
> Gus

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