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Some things that, I have played with or been intrigued by, having worked with RMAN since 8.0 and having managed backups of close to 70TB.  

  1. Recoverability across different versions of oracle for the same problem
  2. Operating with and without a catalog
  3. Recovering with and without a catalog
  4. Recovering using dbms_backup_restore
  5. RMAN tracing
  6. Querying the catalog
  7. Querying the V$ tables
  8. RMAN performance enhancements using various settings
  9. Proxy backups
  10. Server less backups
  11. Incremental Merges
  12. Block Change Tracking (and in general keeping pace with kernel advancements)
  13. Using physical standby backups as a proxy

To name a few  



Krish Hariharan

President/Executive Architect, Quasar Database Technologies, LLC

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I'd appreciate your thoughts and input. I'm putting together a 1 or 2 day seminar on advanced RMAN. My problem is that I'm having trouble deciding exactly WHAT advanced RMAN is and what would be covered in such a topic (one man's advanced is another mans daily routine). Anyone want to provide some input?



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