DBWR - How Many is Too Many?

From: David Barbour <david.barbour1_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 13:53:08 -0500
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We recently moved our database to a new SAN. Performance has just tanked. Here's the environment:
SAN - IBM DS4800 We've got 8 filesystems for Oracle data files. Redo, Archive, Undo and Temp are all on seperate disk/filesystems from the data files.

All the Oracle datafiles are on RAID5 LUNs with 12 15K RPM 73 (68 usable) GB drives. SAN Read and Write Caching are both enabled.

A statspack (generally for any given interval - this was for a period of "light" processing) shows me our biggest hit is: Buffer wait Statistics for DB: PR1 Instance: PR1 Snaps: 12609 -12615
-> ordered by wait time desc, waits desc

                                 Tot Wait    Avg
Class                    Waits   Time (s) Time (ms)
------------------ ----------- ---------- ---------
data block             278,194     20,811        75

sar is scary (just a small portion)

AIX r3prdci1 3 5 00CE0B8A4C00 02/27/08

System configuration: lcpu=8

00:00:00    %usr    %sys    %wio   %idle   physc
02:15:01      19      19      42      19    4.00
02:20:00      21      25      40      14    4.00
02:25:00      19      18      43      20    4.00
02:30:00      18      18      43      21    4.00
02:35:00      20      24      40      16    4.00

We're running JFS2 filesystems with CIO enabled, 128k element size on the SAN and AIO Servers are set at minservers = 220 and maxservers = 440 We've got 32GB of RAM on the server and 4 CPUs (which are dual core for all intents and purposes - they show up as eight). We're running SAP which has it's own memory requirements. I've configured my SGA and PGA using Automatic Memory Management and the SGA currently looks like: SQL> show sga

Total System Global Area 1.0739E+10 bytes

Fixed Size                   757152 bytes
Variable Size            8589934592 bytes
Database Buffers         2147483648 bytes
Redo Buffers                1323008 bytes

filesystemio_options = setall

I'm thinking the data block waits is the result of too many modified blocks in the buffer cache. Solution would be to increase the number of db_writer_processes, but we've already got 4. Metalink, manuals, training guides, Google, etc. seem to suggest two answers.

  1. One db writer for each database disk - in our case that would be 8
  2. CPUs/8 adjusted for multiples of CPU groups - in our case that would be 4

Any thoughts?

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