How to migrate existing single node EBS/DB instance to new multi-node EBS/RAC instance

From: Prem Khanna J <>
Date: 27 Feb 2008 09:34:52 -0000
Message-ID: <>

Friends,We are in the process of collecting information for building our production EBS environment . It will look like :PROD architecture overview : - 2 node AP tier (internet use) with h/w load balancer &amp; shared APPL_TOP- 3 node AP tier (intranet use) with h/w load balancer &amp; shared APPL_TOP- 3 node DB tier (RAC) with DBF/Control/Redo files on RAW devices Software version overview :- Database : 10gR2 ( EBS : RUP6 - O/S : AIX 5.3L with HACMP- Storage : Hitachi SANWe have planned to build the PROD environment from our current BASELINE environment.BASELINE environment overview : - All on single node : AP and DB tier on same node - Database : 10gR2 ( - single instance - DBF files on unix filesystem- EBS : RUP6 (no shared APPL_TOP)- O/S : AIX 5.3L (no HACMP)We would like to know the outline of steps to be followed for doing the above . That is : to clone/migrate our existing BASELINE instance on one host to PROD instanc  e on another set of hosts. That too with RAW devices. Too many conversions involved here and metalink does not have a doc for this.Have anyone did this already ? O/S does not matter. Just an outline of how you did it would be of great help.Regards,Jp.

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