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Since Ubuntu is a Debian-based distribution, you'll need to "fix" some stuff before running the installer, and you'll need to run with the -ignoreSysPreReqs option. If you do a Google search for "oracle on ubuntu 7.10", you get lots of hits.



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No question, CentOS is a good choice.

But, it does not work on the Dell Vostro 200 desktops. CentOS 4/5 does not have the drivers (I believe) for the new SATA in Vostro and I couldn't get to install... at the moment it seems to me ubuntu is the only choice.

Are there any issues in installing Oracle10g/11g on ubuntu?


On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 12:54 AM, David cheyne <<>> wrote: Hi,

Many thanks for the responses. It seems that the out right winner was Centos! So . . . just installed it!

Thank you to all.


On 21/02/2008, Amar Kumar Padhi <<>> wrote:

I use Fedora, pretty good to run Oracle on.


David cheyne wrote:

I am thinking of running at 10/11g on a FREE Linux. I know the amount of patches you need to stabilise Oracle and get it running can be an issue, SO . . .Of the many flavours out there, which do you consider the best and most stable? I've used Solaris and HP-UX for many years, so know my way around UNIX well.

Your thoughts please. . .


David Cheyne

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David Cheyne

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