RE: Can I pass a parameter into an RMAN Script?

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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 11:09:35 -0700
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I've never figured out how to do that, if it's possible. However, one workaround is to simply build the RMAN script each time you run a backup. Then you can pass the parameter to the shell script. Below is an example of what I do and though I don't pass in the ORACLE_SID, it could be easily modified to do that. I also put the resultant script at the end. Hope this formats correctly.


# Set correct Oracle environment

export ORACLE_BASE=/opt/app/oracle



# Set the RMAN environment

RMAN=rman       # RMAN executable name
RMAN_USER=rman  # Owner of the RMAN schema
RMAN_PWRD=rman  # Password for the RMAN_USER
RMAN_TNS=rcat   # tnsname for the recovery catalog database
RMAN_SCRIPT=/home/oracle/scripts/rman/rman_full.rcv export RMAN RMAN_USER RMAN_PWRD RMAN_TNS RMAN_SCRIPT

# Miscellaneous
HOST=`hostname -s`

# Build the recovery manager script to used. The script is built here
# to give greater control of the TAG name used in it. This TAG is
# in RMAN commands like "list backup summary".

echo "connect target /" > $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "connect rcvcat $RMAN_USER/$RMAN_PWRD@$RMAN_TNS" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "run {" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "allocate channel c1 type disk;" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "sql 'alter system switch logfile';" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "backup" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "  incremental level 0" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "  filesperset 10" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "  format

'/u04/oradata/backup/${ORACLE_SID}/data/${ORACLE_SID}_%U'" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
# Here is where we build the tag name

DayOfWeek=`date +%w`
case $DayOfWeek in

    0) TAG=SUN_DB_L0_`date +%b_%d_%Y_%H%M%p`


  1. TAG=MON_DB_L0_`date +%b_%d_%Y_%H%M%p` ;;
  2. TAG=TUE_DB_L0_`date +%b_%d_%Y_%H%M%p` ;;
  3. TAG=WED_DB_L0_`date +%b_%d_%Y_%H%M%p` ;;
  4. TAG=THU_DB_L0_`date +%b_%d_%Y_%H%M%p` ;;
  5. TAG=FRI_DB_L0_`date +%b_%d_%Y_%H%M%p` ;;
  6. TAG=SAT_DB_L0_`date +%b_%d_%Y_%H%M%p` ;; esac echo " tag $TAG" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT

echo " database plus archivelog delete input;" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT

echo "sql 'alter database backup controlfile to trace';" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "release channel c1;" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT
echo "}" >> $RMAN_SCRIPT

# Write the command we will use out to the log file.
echo "% ${ORACLE_HOME}/bin/$RMAN cmdfile '$RMAN_SCRIPT'" echo


RETURN_STATUS=$? And the RMAN script is:
connect target /
connect rcvcat rman/rman_at_rcat

run {
allocate channel c1 type disk;
sql 'alter system switch logfile';
  incremental level 0
  filesperset 10
  format '/u04/oradata/backup/iap1/data/iap1_%U'   tag MON_DB_L0_Feb_25_2008_0225AM
  database plus archivelog delete input; sql 'alter database backup controlfile to trace'; release channel c1;

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Subject: Can I pass a parameter into an RMAN Script?

Hello all,  

Oracle, Enterprise Edition, on AIX 5.3.  

In our RMAN backup scripts for our AAA database we have several format lines that look like:

format '/san2/orabackup/AAA/CTRL_%d_%T_%p_%s%t';  

The same lines for our BBB database looks like:

format '/san2/orabackup/BBB/CTRL_%d_%T_%p_%s%t';  

Because of this difference in the format lines I need to create and maintain separate RMAN scripts for each database. If I could pass a parameter into the RMAN script, then I could have just one RMAN script and call it with a parameter specifying the database name.  

Can anybody tell me if this is possible? Or must I continue to create separate RMAN scripts for each database I wish to backup? I checked the Oracle docs, but could not find anything that spoke to what I want to do.  


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