Can I pass a parameter into an RMAN Script?

From: Sam Bootsma <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 12:45:10 -0500
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Hello all,  

Oracle, Enterprise Edition, on AIX 5.3.  

In our RMAN backup scripts for our AAA database we have several format lines that look like:

format '/san2/orabackup/AAA/CTRL_%d_%T_%p_%s%t';  

The same lines for our BBB database looks like:

format '/san2/orabackup/BBB/CTRL_%d_%T_%p_%s%t';  

Because of this difference in the format lines I need to create and maintain separate RMAN scripts for each database. If I could pass a parameter into the RMAN script, then I could have just one RMAN script and call it with a parameter specifying the database name.  

Can anybody tell me if this is possible? Or must I continue to create separate RMAN scripts for each database I wish to backup? I checked the Oracle docs, but could not find anything that spoke to what I want to do.  


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