High "cursor: pin S" wait in BATCH Transaction Type on NON-RAC Database

From: VIVEK_SHARMA <VIVEK_SHARMA_at_infosys.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 05:34:09 +0530
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During a Benchmark Run of a BATCH Transaction Type, High "cursor: pin S" wait is seen on INSERTs (some info below) on a NON-RAC Database

Respective Table has 64 Hash partitions. It has 2 indexes only, both of which are LOCALLY Prefixed Parrtitioned with 64 hash partitions too.

Qs. How is this issue to be approached?

Solaris 10

Cheers & Thanks



USERNAME                            WAIT_TIME SECONDS_IN_WAIT STATE               PROCESS
------------------------------ -------------- --------------- ------------------- ------------
PROGRAM                                                      P1        BLOCKID         BLOCKS
------------------------------------------------ -------------- -------------- --------------
EVENT                                                                DISK_READS
---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------
TBAGEN                                      1               0 WAITED KNOWN TIME   175
icbx4008_at_finapp3<mailto:icbx4008_at_finapp3> (TNS V1-V3)                         3428618190 ##############    12914267849
cursor: pin S                                                               296
insert into TBA_INTEREST_DETAILS_TABLE (entity_id,entity_type,interest_ind,interest_type,serial_num,entity_cre_flg,produ ct,product_for_int_rate,diff_product,start_date,end_date,int_table_code,int_version,int_method,full_rate,diff_rate,inter est_amount,fixed_int_per_annum,last_comp_date,last_comp_amount,supercede_flg,base_days_in_a_year,ref_date,lchg_user_id,l
chg_time,rcre_user_id,rcre_time,crncy_code,ts_cnt,int_appl_flg) values (:b0,:b1,:b2,:b3,:b4,:b5,TO_NUMBER(:b6),TO_NUMBER
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