RE: "cursor: pin S" wait in Batch Run on NON-RAC Database

Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 00:10:14 +0530
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Thanks Romas

YES Patch 5907779 is applied

$ opatch lsinventory showing this among Others too:-

Patch 5907779 : applied on Tue Jan 01 09:43:05 GMT 2008

   Created on 11 Apr 2007, 03:03:26 hrs PST8PDT    Bugs fixed:

Should anyone need the entire set of Advisable Patches on for RAC & NON-RAC, feel free to ask



From: Roman Podshivalov [] Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 11:43 PM To: VIVEK_SHARMA
Subject: Re: "cursor: pin S" wait in Batch Run on NON-RAC Database

Do you have patch 5907779 installed ?


On 2/21/08, VIVEK_SHARMA <<>> wrote:


In a Benchmark running 512 concurrent Batch processes High "cursor: pin S" wait is occuring.

How is this wait to be approached?

Solaris 10

Cheers & Thanks



Top 5 Timed Events                                                    Avg %Total
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                   wait   Call
Event                                            Waits    Time (s)   (ms)   Time

----------------------------------------- ------------ ----------- ------ ------
cursor: pin S 44,042,470 165,067 4 45.5 CPU time 159,990 44.1 latch: cache buffers chains 170,810 17,573 103 4.8 db file parallel write 264,545 15,486 59 4.3 cursor: pin S wait on X 25,731 1,293 50 .4 ------------------------------------------------------------- ^LHost CPU (CPUs: 120) ~~~~~~~~ Load Average Begin End User System Idle WIO WCPU ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------- 2.20 684.53 84.44 14.83 0.73 0.00 286.32 **************** CAUTION - Disclaimer *****************
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