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Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 14:30:40 -0800 (PST)
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The Perl DBI list is a pretty good place for this stuff.    

  some of the methods they use for metadata gathering are probably the culprits for the all_table queries. They are generated by DBI when they ask for specific metadata I suspect.    

  exception handling is pretty basic stuff in DBI and DBD::Oracle    

  there is a huge section in the man page about it.      

  Typically "RaiseError" is used in conjunction with "eval { ... }" to catch the exception that's been thrown and followed by an "if ($@) { ... }" block to handle the caught exception. For example: eval { ... $sth->execute(); ... }; if ($@) { # $sth->err and $DBI::err will be true if error was from DBI warn $@; # print the error ... # do whatever you need to deal with the error }    

  in regards to Boolean:    

  DBD::Oracle does not explicitly support most Oracle data types. It simply asks Oracle to return them as strings and Oracle does so. Mostly. Similarly when binding placeholder values DBD::Oracle binds them as strings and Oracle converts them to the appropriate type, such as DATE, when used.    


  There are some types, like BOOLEAN, that Oracle does not automatically convert to or from strings (pity). These need to be converted explicitly using SQL or PL/SQL functions.        

  **just give them a 1 or 0 output from your procedure if it exists or doesn't and don't worry about the boolean wrote:   

Our Developers wrote our Special Ed Student Info. application in Perl - about which I know zip. Without going into gory details of why, their code repeatedly checks for the existence of specific tables (out of the 150,000+ tables in our Production Student Info.) by doing "Select Count(*) From All_Tables Where Table_Name = '<TableName>'" whick is very inefficient, especially with 150,000 tables.

First of all, I want them to not check for table existence and code in Exception Handling, but they are resistent to my suggestions.

Second, if they don't code the Exception Handling, I want them to use a utility function that we have that more efficiently checks for table existence and returns a Boolean - True if exists, False if not exists.

My two questions:
1. Can Exception Handling be easily done in Perl? If so, any good examples I can point them to? 2. They say that Perl can't handle Boolean values. Is that true? Any guidance here?


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