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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 19:15:25 +0800
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I think you should split it into multiple smaller files, and then do the load, easy for manage and resume from failure.


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I simply don't know what the scaling effects might be - therefore I would have to assume they might not be linear. That would suggest that you should try several values and plot them. 0.25% seems a very small sample to me - 10% might be more like it - so why not try at values like: 10, 20, 40, 80Gb and see what happens?

Of course that's not to say there's no chance of some scaling effect coming into play at 100, 200 or 399Gb that you weren't expecting.

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I don't have a 400 GB file and I don't have storage space for it to leave a file on disk to run the test. If I do some test loads of a 1 GB data file, does anyone know if this will scale up linearly? what is the minimum size file I should use in order to get some idea of predicting performance of the load?


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