What is WRH$_SQL_BIND_METADATA used for?

From: Weatherman, John <John.Weatherman_at_asurion.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 08:14:23 -0600
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This week I have suddenly seen what has been a very stable production database, which switches logs about once every 6 hours, suddenly start switch logs every minute for about 1 hour a day. These are 20M logs, so this is a lot of activity. No one will admit to having scheduled any new jobs or doing anything new. I've done some log mining to try to see just what objects are being modified. The biggest offender by far seems to be deletes on WRH$_SQL_BIND_METADATA.  

Does anyone know what this table is being used for, beyond just AWR? I can't find any details on just what is stored in it and I am far from an AWR internals expert. I am sure that a "real" process is just forcing it to be updated to reflect changes, but I would like to understand just what it is really used for. The second worst offender is an application table, so I am really trying to understand why changes to the application table might result in 3-5X as many changes to WRH$_SQL_BIND_METADATA.   Any insights would be greatly appreciated.  

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