RE: Create standby DB non-ASM, non_OMF from Primary ASM and OMF

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Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:34:25 -0500
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You could try using the DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER utility which provides a way to copy files between two different servers. I believe this is the utility ASM uses to instantiate an ASM Data Guard database. In 10g release 2 there is a way to transfer files from ASM to an OS file with the DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER utility. This is the only way that I know is available besides RMAN to move database files into and out of ASM.

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Subject: Create standby DB non-ASM, non_OMF from Primary ASM and OMF


I am having a bit of a mental block !

Primary is on ASM and using OMF, i want to create a standby that does not use ASM and OMF, and i'm (trying to) use RMAN DUPLICATE

When creating the standby, I dont think I can use DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT as in :- DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT = '+DATADG', '/u02'

The result would be a filename being converted from something like +DATADG/datafile/system.259.639693489 to

When I really want the datafile to be something like

I could during the RMAN duplicate, use a run block to run SET NEWNAME, which would rename each of the datafiles to the format I want, but then, what would happen when a new file is added to the primary, how would that be propagated to the standby ?

Is there a way around this, or do i have to go from OMF to OMF ?



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