Re: scalibility of Hierarchical Qeries

From: Oxnard Montalvo <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 7:01:31 -0500
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Running on 10gR2

No I am not expecting one row to have more than one direct child.

1 ... I fI am following you correctly the current row is identified by the build in Oracle's function in connect_by_isleaf

2... I am considering using Oracle's CDC package so I have access to the rowid. So far seems to work very well. Of course that implies I must make a procedure to deal with table loads and unloads. Unfortunately, the PK of a table can change. (It was there before I was).

3.. There are three tables one parent and two direct child tables connected by a fk. My 'snapshot' is and end of bussiness day outer join from the parent to the children. My history table is a denormalized view of the three tables + the rowid column and the last dml operation.

So far the trickest issue to deal with has been Oracle will reuse a rowid. Even that is not that bad since in my requirement is to use an end of day snapshot.

I had considered using a fast freshable MV to obtain the denormed view, but Oracle does some fancy footwork under the covers thus makes it very difficult to track changes.

Thanks for your reply.


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