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From: Goulet, Dick <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 17:24:18 -0500
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            I'm seeing this strange intermittent happening with Data Guard that I can't explain & it seems that OTS can't either. About once a month, or less, I end up with a gap at the standby location, but the log file is there. I'll then try registering it and catch an "ORA-00317: file type 0 in header is not log file" error. I'll then remove the file & let the fetch archive log process do its thing only to see the gap still there 30 minutes later, same file & once again it's on the standby. Again I'll try to register it & get the same error again. But if I binary ftp the file to the log_archive_dest_1 location but with a slightly modified file name, .dbf0 instead of .dbf, & register it with the modified file name it works as advertised. Can't understand the initial error. Anyone else ever see this behavior???  

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