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I agree with Andrew, but I usually find that you can pick two out of the three, but rare to find one product that fits all three equally. That's why it will be important to determine the priority for these items as you begin your search.

I've also worked with HP's StorageWorks products (EVA) and have had good results. Of course, as you'll probably find, there's always at least one person that has had bad experiences with every product. Personally, I usually discount most of those issues as they're statistically insignificant--unless there are enough people all clamoring the same negative message.

At the end of the day, you really need head-to-head testing. If you're making a significant purchase, don't discount the vendor's abilities (regardless of their willingness) to bring your database into their test centers and run testing on their products. There's no substitute for first-hand, real testing with *your* application. Unless your application *is* the TPC benchmark (unlikely), the benchmarks don't usually reflect *your* anticipated performance very well.


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There are only three factors, in whatever order is important to you:

-speed, price, and reliability.

I have worked with EMC and Hitachi on Solaris, and been happy with both.

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I have a Oracle 10gR2 database on Solaris 9 which is going to be few TB in 6 months time . and my manager wants me to come up with some recommendation for a SAN storage .so Please advise me on what you think can be a best storage solution

and also what are the key factors that one should look into before deciding on which SAN vendors to choose from?

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