Re: running oracle on non-install user

From: Remigiusz Sokolowski <>
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2008 14:25:40 +0100
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Peter McLarty wrote:
> Hi
> I will assume Unix or Linux as you mentioned links, only available in
> Windows 2008

yes - I apologize I forgot to mention that, db is btw.
> This isn't as silly as it sounds.
> Each user that you wish to run an instance under needs to be added to
> the DBA group, then they can run the installed binaries.
It is so - however processes are running on installer account privileges
> No need for links, just tell the user to use that Oracle_home and run
> and create the database.
> I would however suggest that you dont use the same binaries i.e
> ORacle_Home for test/development and production. This will limit your
> ability to apply Oracle patches for testing prior to them going to
> production

linking allows for applying patches and modifying binaries any way one wants - one can always add new binaries and change link. On the other hand using ORACLE_HOME variable has the same abilities - one can change its content.
As a disadvantage one can see need for a discipline - one needs to remember, which patches were applied or any other custom modifications - but I think it is always a good thing anyway to know exactly, what one have installed.
And one account for binaries would be kind of repository, while other accounts could link to any binaries they want. However as I said earlier - I don't understand why an instance runs on the privileges of an installer acount.
In general that can be in such state, however sometimes would be nice to have a possibility to kill some processes on the operating system level.



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