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Even though you answered your own question, let me just weigh in here. Unless "valid business reasons" include the ability to execute DDL in the schema, there's nothing that you can't accomplish by granting privileges to distinct users and/or roles. In general it's considered bad practice for applications and non-DBA uses to connect as a schema owner.

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Situation is a "generic" database account that too many people know the password to. But they need to know the password for valid business reasons. Does it make more sense to limit that account's access to its' own tables or create a new account(s) and grant those the specific access they need? I like the second option for various reasons (auditability (is that a word?) and accountability to name two) but others think just controlling the generic account's access to objects is fine. To be a little more clear (and one reason why I don't like the first option), there would be different privs on different tables - select only on table A; select, insert on table B; select, update on Table C; etc). Even with using roles, something just sort of bugs me about an owner/account not being to update its' own data (read-only situation exceptions, of course).

Opinions/comments/suggestions? Feel free to send back-channel and I will summarize since I don't think this falls under a technical umbrella. :-)


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