Re: TAF and node failover non RAC oracle 10.2

From: Hemant K Chitale <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 23:21:18 +0800
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Do you really need TAF (emphasis on APPLICATION failover) or CTF which is Connect-Time Failover ?

CTF is not OPS/RAC specific. In fact, TAF also uses CTF.

See Note #67136.1 on CTF.


At 09:45 PM Wednesday, you wrote:
>TAF is not a RAC feature (it is a SQL*Net feature) and does not
>require RAC. TAF can be used with any two databases. Obviously, the
>schemas need to match very closely in order for it to be logically
>useful, but it can be used with non-RAC technologies like
>replication, for example.

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>From: hrishy
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>Subject: TAF and node failover non RAC oracle 10.2
>Can TAF be used to detect node failover and redirect
>the connections to a new node using retry and delay so
>all my clients detect that host db1 is down and need
>to start connecting to db2 .
>I am not using RAC.Oracle version is 10.2

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