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From: Amihay Gonen <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 08:51:33 +0200
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Thanks . I will check that.  

Btw , you gave also an idea to use ASM 11g with 10.2 database . it should be support according to oracle document :  

Oracle Real Application Clusters Installation Guide 11g Release 1 (11.1) for Microsoft Windows

You can install earlier or later versions of Automatic Storage Manager (ASM). Both forward and backward compatibility is available with different versions of ASM. However, if you mix software versions, then ASM functionality reverts to the earliest software installation that it supports. For example, if you install Oracle Clusterware 11g with ASM, and you use it to support an existing Oracle Database release installation, then ASM functionality is equivalent to that available only in the Oracle Database 10.2 release version.


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I have built Oracle Clusterware clusters to support custom applications. It works quite well. For our case, we used OCFS2 (our platform was Linux) to support the common filesystem/storage requirement. For databases, you could also have used ASM.

I would suggest using Oracle Clusterware 11g, even if you're not using Oracle Database 11g. In our case, we had some Oracle single-instance databases running at 10g R2 and some other custom applications as well. In order to avoid an upgrade later and benefit from all the latest fixes and enhancements, we used Oracle Clusterware 11g. Results were very positive.

You should review the whitepaper on managing third-party applications with Oracle Clusterware. It is at

I'd also recommend the recently-updated whitepaper on protecting single-instance Oracle Databases with Clusterware at

One last note--you don't have to wait for anything; 11g is available right now for all the most popular platforms.

Good luck!

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We are considering to use oracle cluster ware in 10g ( for custom applications.  

I wander if anyone has experience with that (bad or good)?  

Ive heard from oracle consult that is better to wait to 11g (what a surprise) to use this feature.       

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